Saturday, January 15, 2011

God's power!

I just have to take a moment to testify of God's changing power when He saves a sinner ~ even a 4 year old one!
Kylie has prayed for Jesus to live in heart several times and that just makes us so happy that she desires to live her life for God...but her actions were not living up to her "profession". In our preschool Bible class (which I highly recommend) we learned what sin was. Well, yesterday I finally said to her, "Kylie, you have so much sin in your heart. Jesus can't live in your heart with all that sin there." I asked her then if she wanted to pray and ask Jesus to forgive her for her sins and take them out of her heart, so He could live there. She said, "yes". She then prayed and has truely been a different girl!

  • She ate all her supper without complaining. And it was chilli which she HATES (at least in the past!)

  • She didn't cry & fuss when we told her she had to take a shower.

  • And this morning she's been pleasant and playing kindly with the other kids

Trust me, I'm not saying she's a perfect kid now! Because she's just that ~ a kid. But we are so thrilled at what God's going to do in her life if she continues to follow Him!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Long over-due update

I'm sure you all thought we'd left the planet, right? Well, almost! We've done some changes in our Internet service and I don't have as much time to blog as I did before but its ok, its saving us around $40 a month so I can adjust! :)

We are still in Texas. =( Its with very mixed feelings that we are here. Our heart are FOR REAL in Mexico but its so dangerous to travel in and out of there right now, that after praying and getting wise counsel we've decided for the sake of the safety of our children we'll stay here until God leads otherwise. Jonathan has been able to find some work here and we're thankful for that! We also need to stay put for a few months to take care of some responsibilities we have on the property we are renting. I don't claim to understand God's will, we just want to be willing followers of whatever that entails for our lives! Being a missionary doesn't always mean going to a foreign field. Jonathan's had many opportunities to witness to co-workers the past month or so and its exciting us! We've wondered if maybe God's placed us here just for those people! We want to be willing and happy vessels wherever God leads us!

I started homeschooling Kylie this year with the Abeka K4 program. I've always liked it and I still do after using it for 6 weeks. She's doing really good and we're trying to work extra hard and get caught up since we started about 8 weeks later than most schools. Most days its a real challenge to get school done with 2 toddlers that still need attention, but we are working it out!

Our dog Copper had 7 puppies at the end of September! One of the benefits of us going to PA in July! ;) 3 died, but the rest are healthy and doing good! We were able to get rid of all but 1, so we are keeping her! She's a cutie and loves to play! Jonathan named her "Peanut Butter"...I think we'll be coming up with a nick name! She's that it was a good name for her!

I've got some real camera issues so no pictures for tonight! :( Hopefully they will be fixed soon!

Monday, October 4, 2010

At Grandma & Pappy's ~ part 1

We were very busy the 2 week we were in PA ~ with all the last minute wedding details and the cooking and cleaning, plus normal things like laundry for a house of 8 people ~ it was very busy but also very fun! The kids were great and it made for an easy week. Then add in the wedding and the few days we took to relax was a great trip!Eating grandma's chocolate pie!Playing football with pappy! Korey talked about playing football with pappy for weeks before we left! And they did ~ LOTS!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

North Carolina visit ~ July 2010

Well, I wasn't planning to wait over a month to blog! Our lives have been very busy!! We are still in the great state of Texas! I'm picking up where I left off last time! We just got our battery charger back and are able to get the pictures off the camera, so I even found some Mexico pictures I never blogged! ~ After our quick trip to Nebraska for Wesley and Teresa's wedding...And I do mean quick - less than a week, driving straight through both ways, plus all the crazy busy days of right before & after a wedding...we arrived in back home here and started getting ready for our 2nd trip north for my sisters wedding in PA at the end of July! On our way to PA we were able to stop in NC for a few days and see our family there! Here's just a few of my favorite pictures.Kylie (4), Korey (3) & Kamryn (2)
July 2010At the North Carolina Zoo with GrandmaWalking to the playground at CCA ~ Thomasville, NC